Innovative Polymer Antennas

for the flourishing mm-wave device market at 20-80 GHz (5G, WiGig/WiFi, ADAS, IoT)


We are spin-off company of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Our patented high frequency antenna technologies are the result of over a decade of award-winning, cutting edge research.



Stage: Pre Revenue, Seed

Industry: Telecommunication

Market Size: $1.0-1.5B in 5 yrs.

Number of Employees: 6

Seed Money Raised: $175K

Investment Opportunity: $500K to $2M

Traction: 2 NDAs with very large OEMs, negotiating projects

What We Do

Polytenna develops innovative polymer antennas for the exponentially growing mm-wave frequency markets (20-80 GHz 5G, 60 GHz WiFi, 70-80 GHz automotive sensors).

The Pain

At mm-wave frequencies the old metal printed antennas have high power loss and poor performance. They also need expensive materials for fabrication. The old antenna technologies are not suitable for the mm-wave consumer market.

Our Solution

Our “plastic antennas” outperform printed metal antennas at these high frequencies. Polytennas are also cheap to fabricate in high volumes using plastic molding techniques. They are ideal for the next gen devices.


CompetitorHow we are different
Old printed antennasCheap, no expensive RF antenna boards
Can be integrated in the casing/cover
Great performance
No metal loss, wider band

Management Team

Matt Tayfeh CEO
5 yrs in enterprise telecom (3 yrs as CTO). Cofounded and chaired a successful telecom startup.

Dr. Dave Klymyshyn Chairman
18 yrs of tech dev. management, 120 papers, 9 patents (granted/pending).

Aqeel Qureshi CTO
Extensive know-how on RF R&D focused on Polytenna technology.


Polytennas In a Nutshell

  • Large arrays with 100s of elements in a single monolithic piece
  • Superior mm-wave performance (high efficiency, bandwidth and gain)
  • Fractal elements
  • Precise spacing, no alignment needed
  • Low per unit cost / very attractive for volume manufacturing
  • Ease of integration
  • Can be part of the device casing/cover
  • Small footprint

Polytenna is an EvoNexus, California, portfolio company.

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